plight of widows in africa

widows in africa suffers discriminatiom and marginalization .widows in africa especially in.the rural area  are seriously maltreated after the death of their husband the are denied some rights and the will kept in a special room 40 days which is not to be like that . In the developed countries widows are not segregated from other people they are not second class
citizen .
Africa as a continent widows are seriouly maltreated in this region .To my own observation may lack of civilization and eposure.By now i am pleading to all africans and any where were widows are maltreat should stop because widows are living soul they can help the society at large when you kill the emotionally will they be usefull for the development of our diffrent countries. let’s stop maltreating widows they are like you and they are like .
widows in africa deserve care and other good things “To make our countries to develope

stop Maltreating Widows”


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