The silent millions

Who are the silent


millions?They are all ib all,They are not thr all powered one, the big ten ,the clamour ,the vocal few.They are the teeming hordes,the sweating masses.


They toil in the field,they dance in procession,they riot on the street they revel in the pubs.
Those who will help the poor and comfort the stricken must go out and live among them.Like father Damien and his leper colony on Kwala lumpur,he must share the homes of the poor eat and drink their water , dream their dreams and share their hopes


Freedom is a battle to be won , it is not a privilege to be conferred. Your destiny is in your own hands


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gordieandhomieThe single most prominent memory I have of the Hartford Whalers from my childhood is not any of the historical milestones that are typical of nostalgic anecdotes; no Ron Francis trade, no Adams Division titles, no Whalermania parades. I didn’t even go to the last game. I was a deeply troubled sixteen year-old runaway and drop-out by the time the Whalers said goodbye to Hartford. The Civic Center and the 15,000 or so mourners who packed it to the rafters that day seemed a million miles away to my teenage self. It was a dark time to live in Connecticut and a dark time in my life, and quite frankly I was far too concerned with cultivating my image as a miserably cool punk rock kid to be caught dead wearing kelly green and crying in public.

In a way it is perfectly fitting that the one thing I remember…

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plight of widows in africa

widows in africa suffers discriminatiom and marginalization .widows in africa especially in.the rural area  are seriously maltreated after the death of their husband the are denied some rights and the will kept in a special room 40 days which is not to be like that . In the developed countries widows are not segregated from other people they are not second class
citizen .
Africa as a continent widows are seriouly maltreated in this region .To my own observation may lack of civilization and eposure.By now i am pleading to all africans and any where were widows are maltreat should stop because widows are living soul they can help the society at large when you kill the emotionally will they be usefull for the development of our diffrent countries. let’s stop maltreating widows they are like you and they are like .
widows in africa deserve care and other good things “To make our countries to develope

stop Maltreating Widows”